We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity.  The reputation we have developed in the community is both a great source of strength, and a strong motivating force.

For residential clients we offer no charge quotes to our customers and do Not charge trip fees. Basically, you pay us a flat hourly rate from the time we head toward your home...no hidden fees. We also only charge for the actual hours, meaning if we bid 20 hours on a job & it only takes 15 you only pay for 15!

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated. Typically small projects (1-4 hours) can be dropped in within a few days, larger projects can start within a week or two. Emergency's like broken water lines, power problems...we can be there within an hour or less.

  • We return phone calls
  • We get you quotes promptly
  • We get to your job as fast as possible
  • Emergency calls take the lead in this business, we are here for you!

Contact information:

Uncle John’s Handyman Service, LLC

PO Box 1653

Columbia MO 65205

Cell: 573-999-7464

Fax: 877-271-1886




The Head Honcho



John is the head honcho around here. He gets to do all the fun stuff like quotes, smoke cigars and run around after the guys. In his free time he like to sing barbershop, travel and play with model trains.


Chief Office Geek



Sam is our favorite office geek...she is also our only office geek! She spends her days running ads, social media & keeping the boys in line. When she isn't attached to her desk she is out on quotes and making houses look fabulous. She's also one of the owners!

The Lumber Boss



Vinnie  has some serious carpentry skills and steps up to any challenge...plus we figured every construction company needs a guy named Vinnie!

The Finishing Pro



Mark is our go to guy on finishing work! He's the guy for your staining, painting & drywall work....but he loves a good roofing job. Mark lives to run away on the weekends to go fishing and enjoys the quiet life.

The Saw Whisperer



Howard is one of our tireless team leaders. He comes from a solid background of remodels, new construction and general awesomeness. In his free time he wrangles tiny people.

The Chief Fixologist



Danny is at your service to correctly fix all those failed DIY projects! With a background in carpentry and home inspections this guy knows how to get the job done right. When he isn't wielding nail guns at work he enjoys chasing down his troop of kids and playing black-ops...the live version in the National Guard.

The Project Enforcer



Boyer is one of our team leaders, he's in charge of the bigger projects...and checking up on the little projects. He's clearly a die hard outdoorsman in his free time.

The I Can Handyman



Mauricio is a mellow guy that loves fixing things inside and out! You'll meet him on lots of residential jobs. He's hard working guy with lots of experience. He's also really funny...make him say the word "three".

Special Ground Forces



Demetris is a pro with concrete, landscaping, patios & decks. He has a great attention to detail and goes out of his way to make customers happy....so be sure to pass him a cold glass of water if it's hot out!

Helper to the Stars



Kamen is a fantastic addition to our team. He has great attention to detail, shows up on time and takes care of the customers like a pro.  In his free time he does whatever his pretty wife tells him too.

The Badass Sidekick



Anthony is one of our favorite sidekicks...the leads fight over him! He's a super mellow guy that everybody likes working with. ...plus his daughter is adorbs!

Project Demi-God



Mike's job is to repeatedly fix what others repeatedly break. He's got a great all around knowledge but custom bathrooms and finishing work is where he shines. You will see him on the large remodels directing the minions.

The Master of Stone



Max is a landscaping genius, he can make your pavers look so fabulous that they end up on Pinterest! Clearly he's an outdoor guy...that likes to hold fish in his free time.

The Talented Mr. Fixit



Ryan is a genius with plumbing and electrical stuff....but you'll see him out on just about any type of job. He hoards musical equipment in his spare time and hangs out with his future wife.


The Mighty Hammer



Andrew has a couple years under his belt in construction and makes a fantastic sidekick!  His quick wit and ninja like problem solving skills make him a great asset on the job. He likes extreme sports, travel and is always ready for an adventure.

The Corporate Guru



Erik is our only team member still in college, but don't let his age fool you, he's a whiz at problem solving! He's always ready to jump in on a project with a smile on his face. When he isn't working...wait he's always working...Erik may be a workaholic.

Office Dog Extraordinaire



Zoey is our newest team member & is all about the cuteness...which is a plus because she's kind of a terror. When she isn't chewing on the employees pants legs she enjoys random barking, running in the opposite direction you want her to & stealing treats from others.

Potential New Employee


Got what it takes?

Think you can keep up with these guys? We only take the best, that means super trade skills...clean driving, background & living is a must. Submit your resume to Sam@hecanfixit.com if she thinks you can hack it she'll give you a call.

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