Electrical jobs can be a bit daunting for the average home owner. While replacing a light switch or a light fixture are simple enough tasks, other jobs like changing a ceiling fan, or a light ballast are a bit more complex and sometimes better left to the pros. Uncle John's Handyman Service has the experience to handle all types of electrical jobs while maintaining an excellent safety record. In addition our boss John had a house fire a number of years ago so our crew is extra vigilant about checking for improper electrical work. We will alert you about anything that doesn't look up to code as it may cause you future problems.

Our Crew Can...

  • Replace Circuit Breakers
  • Install or Repair Lighting Fixtures
  • Repair, Replace or Move Outlets or switches
  • Install Fans and Bath Vents
  • Install Attic Fans
  • Install GFI Plugs
  • Troubleshoot Breakers Tripping
  • Replace Dryer or Stove Plugs
  • Install Outdoor Lighting