Appliance Installation

New appliances can make your space feel upgraded & new again! We offer all types of appliance installation including...

  • Dishwasher Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Installation
  • Over the Range Microwave Installation (Including Running Electric)
  • Refrigerator/Ice Maker Hook Up
  • Washer & Dryer Installation
  • Water Softener Installation
  • Water Filter Systems Installation
  • Range Set Up & Installation
  • Wall Mounted Over Installation

Adding or replacing aging appliances is a quick way to add value to your home while making your day to day life a little better. The newer appliances offer better energy use and in some cases you can even get a tax credit for upgrading! Look out for big sales in the spring and late summer on these, you can get some amazing discounts. Also be sure to check online reviews for the brand and model number your looking at...these are a long term purchase that you want to last for many years.

Unlike box stores we only charge you for the time it takes to install the appliances, there are no flat rates or hidden fees. Also sometimes you need more than a basic install, like when you add a microwave over the you have an outlet in the cabinet already? If you don't the box stores would stop right there on installation, while our guys simply walk to the truck to get the tools needed to finish your job. We would have no problem running a water line, even if you never had an ice maker or getting a garbage disposal set up when none existed before. This is why hiring a handyman to do the job means your going to get the job finished in one service call.

We can also pick up your appliances on the way to your home & discard the old ones for you. With Uncle John's Handyman Service one call does it all!

dishwasher install

wall oven installation

Washing Machine Installation

Dishwasher Installation