So you have a new bundle of joy on the way, congratulations! Becoming a new parent can be a daunting task, we are here to help with some of the logistics. Preparing your home for the new baby is overwhelming...outlets, sharp corners, and Stairs! There will be a few things that you should do when a new baby enters the house.
Safety latches and locks are a great way to keep little ones safe and away from chemicals, however don't go cheap here. If you get the standard box store plastic latches you are going to get annoyed and stop using them, Get these Magnetic Locks instead. They are amazing and super easy for adults to use.

Safety Gates are a must have in about any home, it's far easier to baby proof a room or two than your whole home...not to mention keeping them away from stairs. You want to really look at the different options as some of these require screws into the walls or cabinets (Yikes!). There are ways around this so you don't damage expensive woodwork, walls or railings. They make tension gates or kits to attach to stair rails.

Corner bumpers are great for people with stone accents like fireplaces or menacing looking furniture. You have lots of options with these so shop around to find the perfect ones for you. If you want something a bit nicer the Hearth Soft is pretty amazing!

Anti-Scald Devices are also a great idea with kids coming into the house, most newer homes have these already. Basically they limit the water to 120°F to prevent scalding accidents. If you don't want to install this in your home or you rent we can also adjust the temperature of the hot water heater for you.

Spout Covers are an absolute Must...these are typically under $10 and can save your kiddo from stitches, bumps and bangs. If you don't think this is important just ask John about his son and the bath's horrific, you don't really want to us just buy the thing.

Outlets Covers are one of the most basic baby proofing products on the market. Be sure to look into child proof power strips and start thinking about your home wires everywhere? Yep, you may need to get that organized and tucked out of sight. Same thing with TV wires and all those fun electronics, it may be a wise time to mount that TV on the wall & bury the wires in the wall.

Anti Tip Straps are a must for a house with tiny tots....they climb like lemurs! You should make sure your stove has an anti tip bracket, television stands, shelves, bookcases, dressers, desks, and chests should be strapped to the wall to prevent tipping.

Window Blinds can be tricky. Make sure your blinds are up to snuff with the cords properly secured up and away for tiny hands. You may need retro kits for older blinds, ideally you want cord free.
Smoke Detectors need to have fresh batteries and be in working order...come on your a parent now!
Pools & Spas need fencing...this is pretty standard and I'm sure you already have the proper fence around your pool. (but call us if you don't)
We can take care of all of these things for you and even assemble the new nursery furniture, paint the room, hang pictures, put up wall decals and just about any other thing you need done before the baby arrives!