We can install lighting for any type of residential/commercial setting. Good lighting can make or break a room, it's hard to have an updated kitchen with buzzing florescent lights above you. Unlike a typical electrician we can even heal the ceiling after taking down those ridiculously large lighting displays....what were they thinking in the 80's?!

New lighting doesn't just make your home look better it can save you a ton of money! The new LED can lights for example can save you up to 85% off the incandescent bulbs and up to 50% off the CFL's...it even uses 30% less than the florescent tube style lights. Basically upgrading is not only for ascetics...it's a great money saver. Some of the new LED's also last 10-20 years so you will have very little time on a ladder swapping these out! You are going to want LED lighting that is Energy Star approved because they just are not all made the same. It's better to spend a couple dollars more to get quality.

We do the following...

  • Install/Replace All Indoor Lighting Fixtures
  • Install or Replace Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Install Recessed Lighting (Can Lights)
  • Install Ceiling Fans (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Install Dimmer Switches
  • Install All Forms of Outdoor Lighting
  • Install USB Outlets

Not sure what to buy or where to put it? Not to worry, we can come to your home and help you make a lighting plan based on your needs and how you use each space. Did you know you can get USB outlets? These are great next to your couch, nightstand or even the kitchen counter. These subtle add ones are under $20 and make your home more functional for your lifestyle. Need a ceiling fan/light in your bedroom with a remote? Not a problem! You won't ever have to get out of bed again to flip off the light or crank the fan up when you get hot...These simple things can make your living space more functional and enjoyable.

Outdoor lighting install

Install Lighting

Install Can Lights