How to Repair Wood Rot

Don’t replace those boards!!… Fix Them!Dryrotrepair1

Ok… the shady part of the house has some issues with moisture. It just doesn’t seem to dry quickly. The wood is going soft… perhaps developing mold. Your finger can push thru it with ease… It’s not wood any more! YIKES

You have a choice… you can hire a contractor to replace all the boards and spend thousands, or you can fix it yourself for less than 100!

I will show you how I do it. … and if I can… so can you.

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How To Do Drywall Repair

drywallrepairA novices guide to repairing drywall

Open that door a bit hard? Drive the car into the garage wall? Anger management issues? Whatever the cause drywall in the home comes under some rough treatment from time to time and requires repair.

You can hire a contractor to do the job, or you can decide to try it yourself. It’s actually not that hard to do.

This page will cover the basic steps, tools, and techniques needed to repair that pesky hole!

And yes, we will debunk a few of those tried and true methods for making the repair.

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Selecting The Right Paint

Choosing the right paint for the project is the first key to a successful outcome!

With so many painting scenarios and so many retailers each selling their own array of painting products…. how do you choose the best paint for the job?

This page will help answer those questions. We will discuss various painting projects and the kind of paint you will need for each. Also we will cover a few of the key brands of paints and the best choices within each brand.

So roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

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